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Dominican Republic Pool Project

February 2013 Mission Trip

Join The Sparta UMC mission to complete a pool project at Camp Bani, which is one hour southwest of Santo Domingo in the hottest part of the Dominican Republic.

Camp Bani

Camp Bani is a Christian Camp. Bani is a Taino word meaning “abundant water”.

Completing this swimming pool will:

  • Provide relief from the heat with a low cost recreation attraction for children, youth, and families.
  • Create a facility that can offer ongoing spiritual, educational, and recreational activities to churches and local organizations.
  • Offer a year round attraction for camp usage.

The pool project, started by the Port Edwards UMC in 2005, had an initial investment of $20,000 in excavation, rebar, and concrete. This photo shows the current status of their first mission trip.

Pool Construction
Pastor Rey’s dream is to complete this pool for the youth, children and families of his country.

The estimated cost to complete the pool is $30,000.

A Madison pool company has projected the cost of supplies to be $16,000 including shipping. Additional materials will be purchased in the Dominican.

In addition to working on the pool, a weekend trip is planned to enjoy the area and its rich history. Visit the first cathedral built in “The New World” and Christopher Columbus’s home. Take a walking tour of Santo Domingo where you’ll get an understanding of the poverty that is present amidst the affluence of the area. Of course we have to have BEACH time and taste the variety of Mangos grown on the island.

WHEN: February 2- February 17, 2013

Cost per person: $1,700 includes traveling expenses, food, lodging, transportation in the Dominican, and monies toward building supplies. A $500 deposit is necessary to save your spot by July 15, 2012. An additional $500 is due by Oct. 15, with the balance due Jan 15, 2013.

A passport is required. (Must be 18 years and older unless accompanied by a parent/guardian)

Seeking 30 individuals, those with building expertise would enhance our efforts, but experience in building is not necessary. An engineer and architect who designed the pool will assist us. Your talents will be put to good use.

If interested in serving on this volunteer mission team, please contact Pastor Rey Diaz: 608-269-6949 Mon-Fri. from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST.
Click here to download registration forms.

We are seeking donations to support this Pool Project Mission. United Methodists throughout the nation and around the world have an opportunity to participate in helping reach this goal and make this project a reality. We have faith that God will provide and we will see “miracles” happen with your help and that of countless others.

Camp Bani belongs to the Dominican Evangelical Church. Two centuries ago the Moravian, Presbyterian and Methodist religious organizations joined forces to build churches throughout the Dominican Island which are now called the Dominican Evangelical Church. Camp Bani is the only camp in the country owned by the Dominican Evangelical Church.

Dominican Map

The tightly knit community of Bani is the capital of the Peravia Province with a population of 61,864. Banilejos are well-known for being industrious and successful business entrepreneurs. It is one of the best kept towns in the Dominican Republic. The town’s original design follows the classic Spanish square with a park in the center surrounded by the local church and government. The Dominican Republic is the country in the Caribbean with the largest sand dunes. Baseball fields are prevalent as well for those interested in professional ball.

Rev Cancu

Rev. Miguel Angel Cancu, Executive Secretary of the Dominican Evangelical Church indicates that the swimming pool project is a high priority for the children and young people of the Bani community.

Want to help? Send donations to:

Sparta United Methodist Church
210 North Court Street
Sparta, WI, 54656

Checks payable to SUMC-DRPP. Include your contact information: name, address, and phone.

Thank you for your interest and contributions. Please pray that God will grant us the opportunity to serve the Dominican Evangelical Church. May this camp and pool become a blessing to the many people who may use this facility.

February 2 -17 2013

Dominican Republic Pool Project


Sparta United Methodist Church
Volunteer Mission Project

If you have any questions or would like to know more about how you can help us achieve this mission project, please call the church office at (608)269-6949 or send us a note.